Success story

The success story of “Belgium Waffles” was started from the original recipe of the Brussels Waffles, named after the capital city where it comes from. The interior design of the place reflects a high level of the luxury style of a European concept, wherein customers will feel that they are enjoying their Waffles in Belgium.

Since then we optimized the brand by establishing new products like the cakes and pastries. At “Belgium Waffles” we serve daily sumptuous ready homemade cakes and huge cakes for special events or occasions.

Our prestigious cakes have a Belgium Waffles Signature, making sure that the quality and the taste of our cakes grow on each customer’s bite revealing its dense, sweet characteristics over time.

One of our customer’s favorite is the Molten cake, this sugar-bomb is the restaurant’s best-selling cake. This cake is extremely photogenic, especially when cut to reveal the cascading gooey chocolatey in the center.

Since the owner is very keen on lifting the brand, Mrs. Khawla Al Amiri decided to enhance and combine new ideas that are very competitive in the market. By then “Belgium Waffles” released special items called “Jars” this contains mousse or cheesecake or any type of cakes which is inside of a jar.

This is a kind of concept wherein it’s very convenient for customers who are always on the move and they can eat the cake wherever they want. Also, it comes with a lavish packaging design that they can store their unfished cake.

As an Emirati business group

Our founders dedicated their lives to establish a company who specifically knows the taste of the Emirati. With their passion and hard work, we established several food and beverage entities that deliver a satisfactory quality of foods. With all the Brands that we have under our group, we are con dent in building meaningful relationships with our customers.


We practice in creating internationally inspired restaurant concepts to the people in the Middle East. By this, we are providing for everybody a unique taste of our perseverance and hard work.

Positioning us

as a Leader in our fields

After one year and a half of the successful journey with our team, we launched the second branch of “Belgium Waffles” with some additional products on our menu lists. Those are Gelato’s, Mojitos, Fresh Juices, Milkshakes, and our best seller Smoothies.

In the mid of 2018, we established our biggest branch in AlSeef Dubai which was developed by MERAAS. We strictly follow the Curriculum of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in order to be acknowledged by the government and promote the supremacy among the other brands.

We position ourselves as the leader amongst the other leading Waffles brands in the local market. When people think “Waffles” it directly carved in their minds that Belgium Waffles is the shop where they need to be. The quality of the taste that customers keep coming back from time to time is the reason why we are the leading brand specially in the Waffles industry.

We may have strong competitors but our original and authentic recipes with the amazing taste guaranteed us to be highly competitive in the market.

At “Belgium Waffles” we desire to let the customers experience our love. This simply shows that we value the customer’s taste by delivering the authenticity of a Belgian Waffles.

Catering services

That we have achieved with governmental department

Belgium Waffles extends it services to catering, we meet all catering needs from family events, government agencies gatherings, and any exclusive celebrations.

With a luxurious European concept design and marvelous kiosk settings, plus with elegant and attentive service by our professional staff, we can guarantee that we are bringing the whole shop into the gathering.

Since the operation started we have several government departments that we catered and we are glad that they are satisfied with the service that we provided. For the near future, we are looking towards extending our catering services to all corporate entities and private sectors

Love at First Bite

We make sure that the quality of the authenticity of our products is meeting the required standard that is approved by the UAE Food Safety Authority. “Belgium Waffle” products provide high-quality ingredients at a reasonable price to be more competitive in the local market.